Summer exercising in the park Grébovka

15. července 2014 v 16:07 | Iva

Tai Chi a Chi Kung in the park Grébovka

We invite you to "Healthy hour with Tai Chi and Chi Kung"
in the park Grébovka, Prague 10.

WHEN: Every morning from 9 - 9.30 a.m. or every evening from 18 - 19 p.m.
We´ll start from Monday - July 21st 2014

We can meet before the exercising at the studio Rybalka, Rybalkova 55, Prague 10 - in the morning at 8.45 a.m. and in the evening at 17.45 p.m.


PRICE FOR EVENING EXERCISE: 100 CZK/1 person/60 minutes - this is discount 50%

From September will be open regular course of Tai Chi + Chi Kung in the studio Rybalka for the price 200 CZK/1 person/60 minutes.

This exercises are good prevention before stress and for the health maintenance (physical and mental health). It´s suitable for healthy joints, tendons, muscles, blood pressure, balance …

Especially we will practice some movements from Tai Chi and Chi Kung (or sets), together we will strengthen the meridians (energy pathways that are associated with the various organs - and which are used in acupuncture). We show how to breathe properly. In conclusion will be relaxation and short meditation.

WITH YOU: Comfortable clothes and shoes, mat exercises and drink

Thank you.

We look forward to you Usmívající se

Iva a Karel

If interested please contact us via SMS: 604 482 262

or by mail:

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1 Tereza Tereza | E-mail | 1. května 2015 v 17:08 | Reagovat

Dobrý den, mohu se zeptat, kde byla fotka pořízena? Je nádherná!

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